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Delivery in Somerset, Stellenbosch & Strand 📦

Bulk is

Local Deals

The milkman sources the best local deals and delivers them to your doorstep.

Local Students

Lekke Fresh deliveries are done by local students.

Students learn entrepreneurship, responsibility and enterprise by being the local milkmen of their respective area's.

Families and can support their local students directly by simply placing a order.

Bulk is Beautiful

Sourcing and buying bulk means you save on the goodies you love and need. Buy bulk and save today.

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There has never been a better time to support local suppliers and small businesses..

That’s why more than 90% of our products are sourced from Stellenbosch and surrounding areas.

Reducing our carbon footprint, encouraging local business, and empowering small suppliers in our communities. 

Your deals are waiting

Subscription option

Subscription orders are automatically delivered every week, making sure your kitchen is always stocked.


The milkman re-uses the biodegradable delivery bags every week. Reducing our carbon footprint and moving towards sustainability.

Free delivery

The milkman offers free weekly deliveries to over a 1000 families.

Proudly local

We empower local students and businesses by giving them a platform to spread their product and produce.

local deals

Want goodies from the milkman?