Bringing farm, fresh products right to your doorstep.



Farm, fresh milk that leave a milk moustache. Artisan and traditional bread loafs. Free range eggs and free range, organic meat boxes ready for your evening braai. These are just some of the products that get dropped off at our Stellenbosch families’ doorsteps three times a week.

We are proud to be providing over 250 people with farm freshness, without sacrificing convenience. After placing your order, we receive the every day staples from one of our six farmers and drop it off at your front door. Just in time to butter school sandwiches or make your morning coffee. It’s as easy as that.

The MODERN Milkman is here.

No more sacrificing Farm, Freshness for Convenience. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDER.


Growing up in a family with three siblings, I understand the challenge of always having the staple products on the table. “Ma, ons kort melk!”, is something every South African family hears some or other time. Whilst in Stellenbosch University, I decided I wanted to make the life of other families, just like mine, easier. Families shouldn’t have to worry about having the necessities on the table. And they sure shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality in doing so. Rather, I wanted families to spend the time and energy they have with each other. And that is how the idea of Lekke Fresh was born…


“Dankie vir my verjaarsdag broodje Henk! Dit was amazing!! Vars, vars en dit het ‘n lekkerbraabroodjie geraak.”

– Micke

“That awful disappointment when you open the fridge, dreary eyed with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee waiting on the coffee machine… and there is NO MILK! But then you remember there is a Lekke Fresh delivery waiting at your gate.

Our partner in maintaining marital bliss and general peaceful parenthood.”

-Teresa de Villiers

“Ek is mal oor die veggies! Dis perfect. Baie baie dankie. En super lekker vars.”

-Alta van Zyl


We are a Proud Stellenbosch University Initiative

We are Stellenbosch Launch Lab idea smash winners.

Serving over 250 people in and around Stellenbosch.


My name is Henk and I am the founder and owner of Lekke Fresh and your happiness is my priority. Please contact me if you feel that is not what our products do for you.

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Delivery Times

Tuesdays 4:30am – 7:00am

Thursdays 4:30am – 7:00am

Saturdays 4:30am – 7:00am