Step 1

Add your goodies for Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Step 2

Enter delivery details & make EFT payment.

Step 3

Delivery at your doorstep before 7AM the next week.

Step 4

Subscription orders delivered automatically every week.

Edit and change as needed.


Order anytime between Monday and Friday @ 13:00 for the following week. 

E.g. if I place an order on Wednesday and choose my delivery day as Thursday, I will receive my first delivery on the Thursday of the following week.

All orders are paid via EFT. After placing an order, an email will be sent to you with payment details.


Simply WhatsApp the milkman @ 083 602 0100 and the milkman will be happy to assist you. 

Like the traditional milkman, delivery is in the early morning hours. Your delivery is guaranteed before 07:00 at your doorstep of your chosen delivery day(s).

If you have a fence/wall we will carefully hoist your delivery, otherwise we leave it at your front door. No need to collect in person.

Access to residential estates are organised prior to delivery as many of our clients are already in secured estates.

Simply log into your account on the “My Account” under “My Order” link.

View your active subscriptions and edit them as you desire. 


Simply log into your account on the “My Account” under “My Order” link.

Cancel the active subscriptions. You as the client may possibly have more than one active subscription, so make sure you cancel each one if you don’t want any deliveries.

Cancellations should be done by Friday 13:00. 

All current weekly orders will be delivered and billed accordingly. 

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