The Start of the Modern Milkman Dream

I grew up with three siblings. Thus, having enough food, especially in the growling-belly teenage years, was always a challenge. We’d sit on the breakfast table or be making a coffee when the familiar call came:

“Ma! Ons kort melk”

This challenge never went away. So much so, that as soon as I got to University, I decided that I wanted to make the life of other families, just like mine, easier. I didn’t feel it fair to have mothers and fathers worry about having the necessities on their tables. More so, I didn’t want them to worry about the quality of the products either. That time and energy was meant to be spend with each other as a family.

A Farmer standing with his chickens

One of our six farmers from the Western Cape.

Most students aspire to be a lawyer or doctor, but not me. I rather wanted to bring a little bit of goodness from the past and become the Modern Milkman. I made it my mission to make sure families get the best farm fresh staple products. From bread so fresh it needs to be cut at home, to milk that can still give kids a “moustache” when they drink it.

Now, we are proud to say that we are able to give our families their freshies three times a week. The day before, our six local farmers drops the fresh products off at our “offices/store”, and at 3:15am our Matie-students brave the (sometimes wet and cold) morning hours. By 7am, the products are at the various doorsteps just in time for making sandwiches for lunch boxes and to pour milk into morning coffees.

Three boys standing in a field holding a milk bottle.

The humble beginnings of Lekke Fresh.

With the consistent quality of our local farmers, the passion of our founders and the love of our local families, we’ve brought to life our vision of giving every family the convenience of at home delivery, without sacrificing freshness and goodness.

“Lekke Fresh for us isn’t just a name. It’s a lifestyle. It’s local. It’s organic. And it’s designed with your family in mind.”

– Lekke fresh team


My name is Henk and I am the founder and owner of Lekke Fresh and your happiness is my priority. Please contact me if you feel that is not what our products do for you.

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Delivery Times

Tuesdays 4:30am – 7:00am

Thursdays 4:30am – 7:00am

Saturdays 4:30am – 7:00am

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